Debtor Control is the consulting division of Credit Matters Pty Ltd.

There is no doubt, one of the keys to business success is managing your Debtors.

At Debtor Control we help business owners and managers reclaim ownership and control of their business from the customer

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What Do We Do

Provision of Services What We Do

Debtor Control provides realistic business strategies, systems and management support, designed for your business, through the provision of the following services.

  • Credit and Debt Management consulting;
  • Writing operational manuals;
  • Writing procedures;
  • Educating and training of staff;
  • Systems auditing

These services are developed for each customer factoring in:

  • encouraging the positive nature of the business relationship;
  • seeking every profitable sale;
  • understanding the risks of increasing sales verse cashflow maximisation;
  • recognising how people learn;
  • creating processes that identify slow payers;
  • understanding and accepting fraud exists and there are strategies you can use to combat fraudsters

Furthermore, Debtor Control recognises there is a break-even point between maximising sales and accepting a level of bad debts. It is said by many an old business professional:

If you have no bad debts then you have not maximised your sales opportunities.

Debtor Control is focused on helping business owners and managers regain control of their business from the customer.

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For Managing Diretors

Strategies for Managing Directors

It is one of your key roles in managing the business, to ensure you control what happens to your business. Unfortunately, too often business owners and managers inadvertently hand control of their business to their competitors, fraudsters and customers.

These brief comments provide insight to the strategies you can use to regain control and therefore, control of your business.

May, 2018 This Month's Strategy for Consideration

Understanding the Importance Dates and Events

Business people need to be aware of important dates and events in order to maximise their efforts to be paid or seek unexpected benefits.

No longer is business a simple affair as customers often only pay when they feel like it or when funds are available. There are also time-based deadlines which can cause late cashflow or a missed opportunity to change operating terms which might lead to a better outcome for your business.

Finally, there are events which occur during the life of a business, which can create many problems or assist you to take advantage of unexpected opportunities. The important difference is whether you initiated business strategies early enough once these events became known.

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Overdue Calculator

This calculator is a brief introduction to the possible costs associated with the late payment of your invoice(s).

NOTE: The example produced by the calculator is an example only an should not be relied upon in an actual real life situation.